CNI - Neighborhood

The neighborhood strategy for the Washington Village/South Norwalk CNI Plan addresses the priority challenges identified through the community needs assessment and uses as a starting point the existing strong foundation of planning, investment, and commitment by the City. This includes the recently completed South Norwalk Railroad Station Area Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) Strategy, which focuses on key blocks and streets near the station, and uses TOD as a catalyst for positive change.

The guiding vision for the neighborhood plan is the transformation of this important South Norwalk area from an "underperforming asset" into a socially and economically diverse neighborhood of choice, improving the quality of life for existing residents and businesses, while maintaining housing affordability, and attracting new residents and businesses to the area.

The goals of the Neighborhood plan are:

  • The neighborhood is storm resilient.
  • South Norwalk is safe and attractive.
  • A rich array of amenities that appeal to residents and visitors is found in the community
  • Residents with diverse socio-economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds continue to call South Norwalk home.
  • The neighborhood is a walkable and bike-able community with a cohesive public transit network.

The realization of these goals will be accomplished by:

  • Capitalizing upon existing and planned initiatives to create a shared synergy and alignment of investments and resources.
  • Mobilizing both public and private partners and stakeholders to collectively share in the achievement of the common vision for the community.
  • Establishing an implementation framework that empowers key partners and City departments to enact changes and improvements that address the challenges facing the South Norwalk neighborhood

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Ryan Park

When the inventory of assets within the designated Choice Neighborhoods area was completed it was clear that Ryan Park was of central significance and in need of enhancement. To ensure that investments in the park reflected the needs and interests of the community, Mayor Rilling appointed a representative Ryan Park Advisory Committee. To support the recommendation of the advisory group an allocation of $1 million was allocated in CNI funds for design studies, community outreach for public involvement and capital improvements. The goal is to create a safe and attractive community park and recreational area that meets the needs of the local user group and preserves vital green space within the Choice Neighborhood.

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