CNI - Implementation Coordinating Committee

About the Implementation Coordinating Committee

The Choice Neighborhoods Implementation Coordinating Committee (ICC) was established in the Partnership Legal Contract between the Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk (NHA), the Norwalk Redevelopment Agency (NRA), Trinity/Washington Limited Partnership (Trinity), Housing Opportunities Unlimited (HOU), and Stepping Stones Museum for Children, Inc. (SSMC). This legal contract was executed by the above parties on August 30, 2013 and submitted with the 2013 Choice Neighborhoods Initiative (CNI) Implementation Application in September 2013. A $30 million CNI implementation grant was awarded to NHA as Lead Applicant and NRA as Co-Applicant on June 30, 2014, thereby effectuating the formation of the ICC.


The ICC provides a collaborative forum for implementing the South Norwalk Transformation Plan as detailed in the 2013 CNI Implementation Grant application. The ICC is responsible for coordinating activities and providing strategic guidance for the implementation of the components of the Transformation Plan, and adhering to the schedule and budget as included in the Implementation Grant application and amended, as needed.

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Darlene Young, Chairman
Norwalk Common Council, District B

Kristina Testa-Buzzee
Norwalk Community College

Adam D. Bovilsky
Executive Director, Housing Authority of the City of Norwalk

Tami Strauss
Acting Executive Director, Norwalk Redevelopment Agency

Raymond Dunlap
President, Washington Village Residents Association

Jessica Casey
Norwalk Economic and Community Development

Firmina King,
Washington Village Resident

Ernest Dumas
Common Council Representative, District B

Audrey Mullagalyamova
Vice President, Chase Bank

Additional Representatives

Travis Simms
140th District Representative

Kathy Carton
EJP Consulting Group

Susan Sweitzer
Senior Development Project Manager, Norwalk Redevelopment Agency

Thomas J. Ivers
Director, Choice Neighborhoods Initiative

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